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OSCAR-nominated films printed on 35mm at CPC's London laboratory

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The nominations for the 91st annual Academy Awards have been revealed.

Best foreign language film of the year nominations featured COLD WAR, SHOPLIFTERS, and CAPERNAUM, titles that have been printed on 35mm Film at CPC's London laboratory in 2018 and projected worldwide. RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNETwas amongst the Best animated feature film of the year nominations, another title that was also printed on 35mm at the London laboratory last year.

Before being sent off to Disney's Burbank lot, RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET was shown at KODAK's HQ in Rochester, New York, for a special employee holiday screening at Christmas, a long tradition supported by Disney.

COLD WAR played host to 3 nominations, finding its way into the following categories: Best foreign language film, Best director and Achievement in cinematography.

However, these titles were not printed on 35mm the traditional way...

In fact, NO negatives were used at all during the process and content was instead taken directly from a DCP. The state-of-the-art facility in London uses Film recorders to print directly onto positive Film straight from a data source. From there, the Film is processed in-house and checked over in real-time by a team of highly experienced technicians.

With regular clients including Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures, CPC London's 35mm prints do not dissapoint! They have been projected at top film festivals, cinemas and world premieres, being showcased to a whole range of major stars. CPC London's prices are extremely competitive, allowing them to attract the Independent market too. For example, a 35mm copy is equivalent in price to a DCP - in comparison to the tens of thousands of pounds if you were to follow traditional methods!

"Filmmakers who care about projecting on Film need to know about CPC London. This company rushed an incredible 35mm Film print of my new film #waitforyourlaugh to NYC and it was so affordable. There is no excuse to not show on Film!" - Jason B Wise

To explore details on their inexpensive Film prints, as well as a full list of clients and testimonials, visit

The 2019 Academy Awards will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on February 24. There is no host lined up for the ceremony so far.