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UNCUT GEMS goes global on 35mm

Exclusive 'Uncut Gems' 35mm screenings

CPC London teamed up with A24 Films to produce eight 35mm prints of the Safdie Brothers' latest title 'Uncut Gems' for a limited cinematic release.

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A close-up shot of individual frames from the 35mm print.

Storyline: "Howie Ratner (Adam Sandler) is a once-successful New York gems dealer whose gambling addiction has left his family and career in shambles, and him hundreds of thousands in debt. Always looking for the next big bet, Howie thinks he finally hit it big when he discovers a rare uncut rock of Ethiopian gems, with a very interested high-profile buyer. But the closer Howie gets to finally winning big, the more he is forced to realize he can't keep running from the consequences of his actions."

The film was shot by Darius Khondji on 35mm Film, scanned to create a digital intermediate, and then printed back on to positive 35mm Fim for cinema projection.

Christmas 2019. A24 films approached UK film lab CPC London to strike a single 35mm print of Uncut Gems, to be shown as part of an exclusive run at the Metrograph New York. After this was advertised on social media by the Safdie Brothers, a large demand grew from the public to see the Indie feature screened in it's purest form across the country. This single copy soon grew to Eight 35mm prints, which touched down in numerous theatres across the United States.

The world saw Uncut Gems projected on reel film over the Christmas holiday at famous theatres including Arclight Hollywood and the New Beverly Cinema, for Q&A's with the Safdie Brothers and even one-off double-bill evenings personally programmed by Quentin Tarantino.

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Uncut Gems, screening in Los Angeles as part of a double bill and Q&A, programmed by Quentin Tarantino.

Working with Altitude and Netflix UK, CPC struck a single 35mm print for exhibition in the UK. This was delivered to The Prince Charles Cinema in London, one of the last remaining Independent cinemas in England to mainly show 35mm and 70mm Film.

In support of these very exclusive screenings, CPC also printed limited edition 35mm filmstrips that were given away on a first come first basis to ticket holders. The filmstrips contained stills from the movie, giving the audience a piece of the film as well as a hands-on feel of 35mm, making it a true cinematic experience for movie-goers.

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The limited edition 35mm filmstrips, which were given out at The Prince Charles Cinema.

Although the titled was snubbed by the Academy for Oscars 2020, Uncut Gems picked up three gongs at the Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Director, Best Male Lead, and Best Editing.

Uncut Gems is still screening in theatres on 35mm and digital, and is now available to stream on Netflix. For details visit:

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