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THUNDER ROAD projected on 35mm at the 62nd BFI London Film Festival

“Writer-director-actor Jim Cummings’ tale of a policeman on the verge of a nervous breakdown introduces a major talent — and is the indie film you need to see this year.” - Rolling Stone

Upon winning the Grand Jury Award at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, Jim Cummings was presented with the opportunity to have his Feature printed on 35mm motion picture Film. This was sponsored by CPC London, a British Film Laboratory who create affordable Film prints directly from a data source.

Working with Cummings and the film’s producers Vanishing Angle, CPC London transformed ‘Thunder Road’ into a celluloid masterpiece. Its 35mm debut was held at the 62nd BFI London Film Festival, where it was projected at the BFI Southbank for a special one-off screening last week.

After winning the Deauville American Film Festival, the film has now grown to 76 French screens with distribution by Paname.

“The SXSW winner received global distribution offers of $100,000, an amount it doubled playing in 67 French theaters last week.  In the first week, the film grossed $210,000 in France, exceeding the film’s cost and doubling Cumming’s best distribution offers out of SXSW. In its second week, the film will grow to 76 French screens.” - IndieWire

‘Thunder Road’ is still seeking distribution outside of France.

British Film laboratory CPC London, create 35mm Film prints for a wide range of Independent Filmmakers, making it affordable to show on true celluloid at the most effective price. CPC London also work with top Hollywood Studios, producing prints for archive and cinema projection.

Taking data from a DCP, DPX, Pro-Res, and MPEG4, the stages involving expensive negative intermediates are completely eliminated. This is down to the state-of-the-art technology housed at CPC’s London facility. To give an idea of how affordable the prints are, a Feature printed on 35mm is equivalent in price to a DCP. New clients can now bag themselves 10% off their first 35mm print.

Keeping prices low and quality high, CPC London aims to continue to gain the interest of Independent filmmakers in the rise to keep celluloid alive (especially 35mm!). Click here to view CPC's Twitter feed, where the most up to date information, on their celluloid revolution, can be found.