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Kodak and fashion retailer Forever 21 have teamed up on a new apparel collection for the Fall 2018 season featuring some of Kodak’s many logos and designs from the Kodak brand’s storied history.

CPC London, who have previously produced Moviestrips for top fashion brands including Jigsaw, were approached to create a celluloid installation (compiled of 8ft 35mm Film strips) for the F21xKODAK launch event at a gallery in Los Angeles. The Strips included a series of vintage shots from featured photographers Jorden Keith, Krissy Jane, Jared Thomas and Warren Elgort. The display enticed guests to immerse themselves amongst the Kodak Film and even pose for the perfect Instagram photo. The photographers also received limited edition F21xKODAK business cards, which were designed and printed on 35mm via CPC London's partnered Kodak website

A few shots from the launch event in Los Angeles:
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CPC London have produced a variety of Moviestrips for the Fashion, Music, and Film industry. To view past work, or enquire about creating some for yourself, click HERE.

The Kodak x Forever 21 collaboration:

Inspired by the bold racing stripes of 1980s NASCAR®, the latest affordable fashion collaboration is bringing the Kodak brand to new audiences. Utilizing iconic Kodak product logos as the design aesthetic, the limited-edition collection of apparel will be available online and in more than 600 Forever 21 stores worldwide. The collaboration with fashion retailer Forever 21 adds mass appeal to an ever-growing millennial fanbase all over the world, firmly placing Kodak attire, and the positive connotations associated with the Kodak Brand, in the apparel space. The collection marks a new chapter in leveraging Kodak’s rich and diverse history of design, ensuring the Kodak brand is relevant with contemporary audiences everywhere.

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