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    Make it unforgettable with endless creativity...


    Bespoke strips of 35mm motion picture film, designed for:

    • Film Premiere Passes
    • Cinema Tickets
    • Film and Music Festivals
    • Art Installations
    • Tourist bookmarks
    • Portfolios
    The possibilities are endless...


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    Large Quantities

    We can supply MOVIESTRIPS™ in large quantities for screenings and events. We have provided clients with quantities of up to 20,000.


    For cinemas, we can deliver specific quantities to individual locations. Ask us about our case studies.

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    Custom Packaging

    We can offer our MOVIESTRIPS™ Individually package to keep them protected from fingerprints and scratches. These can be customised with company branding, euroslots, and product bar-codes.


    We can offer a custom made point-of-sale device complete to your specifications.

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    Art Installations

    We can work with you to create bespoke art installations for your event. MOVIESTRIPS™ can be suspended from the ceiling or can stretch the length of a wall.


    We can work with you to bring your idea to life.



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    Ethan Hawke

    Actor, Director "Blaze"

    "Presenting a movie at a festival such as Sundance or South By SouthWest is so exciting. But with all those wonderful movies and shows happening all at once, being noticed proved to be a challenge. MOVIESTRIPS™ is like a piece of motion picture you can have for yourself. You unite with it. It's an excellent gift with a very emotional and authentic touch. It really made BLAZE stand out."


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