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    About TrueGrain™ Scanning

    Achieve the Authentic 'Film' Look by adding real grain and texture to your digital content without any effects or filters!
    We use our state-of-the-art technology to record your digital content to positive 35mm motion picture film and scan back to digital to achieve the authentic 'film' look.
    Ideal for commercials, music videos, short films and more.


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    Follow our guidelines on preparing the media. Deliver the media to our lab or upload it to our server

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    We use our state-of-the-art Film Recorders to produce a scanner-friendly 35mm positive print

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    We scan the 35mm print and use our technology to achieve an authentic 'Film' look

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    Data can be delivered to you as a ProRes or DPX




    Different settings are applied to 35mm prints made for the TrueGrain™ Scanning process. These 35mm prints are not suitable for projection. To enquire or learn more about our 35mm prints suitable for projection, tap the button below.

    We do not record to negative film stock. Our process and technology is designed for positive film stock only, eliminating all stages involving negative intermediates. We print on standard positive colour film stock, used by our major studio clients.

    This technology is in an experimental stage. We will make the colours as close to the original as possible but the final image will be subject to slight colour change due to the nature of film and the way the different emulsions react to each other. These changes are an essential part of the desired ‘film’ effect.

    Due to the experimental nature of this process, we will issue a test for each project. This test can be as long as the client requires, but it will be charged at an extra cost. 50% of the test cost will be refunded from the overall invoice, if the client proceeds with the full TrueGrain scan.


    ProRes or DPX sequence graded for REC.709/DCI-P3 colourspace. The deliverables should incorporate SMPTE or ARIB bars so we can verify the video levels. Please make sure that the grading monitor is properly calibrated and displays the PLUGE area black levels correctly. Please also provide the following info: colourspace and gamma the content was graded for (e.g., Rec.709 gamma 2.4), data range full/head (studio) and a SHA256 hash to verify the integrity of the deliverables.


    We strongly recommend that the supplied files are pre-graded.




    Orville Peck - Queen of the Rodeo

    Client: 100 Year Films

    Production House: Radical Media

    Director: Austin Peters

    Director of Photography: Bill Kirstein


    Client: House of Radon

    Director: Marcus Lundin

    Director of Photography: Mika Aberra

    The Black Angels - El Jardín​

    Client: Vanessa Pla

    Director: Vanessa Pla

    Director of Photography: Andy Hoffman

    Jxst J - Alone

    Client: James Pratley Watson

    Director: Jxst J

    Director of Photography: Shane Liao


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