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    By paying the invoice, the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

    1. CPC London is not responsible for shipment delays after issuing air waybill number from the carrier.
    2. Visual quality of the prints shall correspond to the visual quality of supplied Source Materials and to the visual quality of the performed test or reference copy approved by the Customer. If the Customer cannot approve the test or the reference copy, then approval process shall be performed by CPC London's staff in a diligent and expedient way, to the best of CPC London's skill and ability and to the highest standards in the industry.
    3. The Customer guarantees that manufacturing of the mentioned 35mm prints and their export to Customer's address does not infringe rights of the third-party company(ies) or individual(s). The Client has responsibility for the copyright of the data supplied & rights to use said data.
    4. Our payment terms are 50% deposit to commence the process with the balance payable (bank confirmation accepted) prior to release of print. All bank charges are the responsibility of the client and not CPC London and should be paid at the time of payment at your bank.
    5. Upon receipt of the deposit, the declared turnaround is 14 working days.
    6. The Customer's data will only be stored on CPC London's server for up to 30 working days after the 35mm print has been dispatched. The customer will need to inform CPC London if a longer storage period is required.
    7. Any print defects noticed by the Customer must be alerted to the CPC London team within 14 working days.

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